Friday, February 4, 2011

                                                                 ya, its avril and her ex

                               51' ford chopped, shaved, tri-linked with bags, w/ 54' merc headlight rings
                              front 3/4 view of that 41 ford coupe, notice no flat spot in the sail panel?
                                        thats cause i hand formed a new one to keep good flow
                             another bike for a customer, i woulda liked it better with a longer frontend.
                                            i built the frame and the custom tank by hand
                           above, people ask how my bright colors stay over time. heres the answer, this was tattooed over ten years ago. of course this guy has an indoor job and is very fair skinned but still....
                                  above, before.... yep, he came in with that shit on his face just like that
                                  during..... he sat perfectly still, even when i was on edge of eye lid
                    after, it looks like a smacked the shit outta him but its black and looks as good as                 a                                                     tattooed eye patch could ever look
                                                 1st sitting on another dagger thru neck
                                        bout half way thru 1 sitting on back piece with cover ups
                                                                   rome from sublime

                                            fun with facial hair
                                                 frankstein cover up
                                                     few more sittings into skull back piece

                                now for some metal and bikes built by patrick odonnell
                               41' chevy during construction above , done without carson top just below

                                                       rear quarter on a 41' ford coupe
                                           few bikes above and the 41'chevy w/ carson below

                                                   custom tank, frame, and 36 over springer